Due to their illegal and secretive nature, it is difficult to determine how widespread a practice code reds may be and if and when they differ from hazing. I mean, just down at Gitmo. If a person had a coronary disorder or a cerebral disorder, the process would be more rapid. Patient complains of chest pains, shortness of breath, and fatigue. Turns around in his seat to face him]. Now I want you to acknowledge that the Judge Advocate has made you aware of the possible consequences of accusing a Marine officer of a felony without proper evidence. Ross: Was Dawson's promotion held up because of this last report? all those having business with this general court martial, stand forward and you shall be heard. Barnes: you know Downey worships you, he's going to do whatever you do, are you really let this happen to him because of a code? [after Danny casually and dispectfully requests Santigo's transfer order during lunch in Cuba] "Lance Corporal is claiming his mirror was about to fire at him. You've heard her. These nine people are going to insist that someone be "blamed" for that. Commander, isn't it possible that Santiago had a serious coronary condition, and it was that condition, and not some mysterious poison, that caused the accelerated chemical reaction? And the hits just keep on coming. He said that the platoon commander, Lieutenant Jonathan Kendrick, had a meeting with the men and specifically told them not to touch Santiago. No, sir. he can make an entire flight disappear? Lt. Kendrick: My question is whether the evidence against Colonel Nathan Jessup was sufficient and compact to prosecute him and acquit the two marines? Whitaker: [to Danny] Kaffee: This is about a sales pitch. I'm a fair guy, but this fucking heat is making me absolutely crazy. Kaffee: Capt. Judge Randolph: An argument didn't work the Nazis at Nuremberg, Kaffee: Capt. [when asked on the witness stand why he didn't give Private Santiago a code red] [hands him the book] Live with that. Lt. Weinberg: Judge Randolph: I told the men that we had an informer among us and despite any desire they might had to seek retribution, Private Santiago wasn't to be harmed in any way. The real villain of “A Few Good Men” is Joanne Galloway, played by Demi Moore. Astonishingly, Jack Nicholson's legendary performance as a military tough guy in A Few Good Men really amounts to a glorified cameo: he's only in a few scenes. Kaffee: They were given an order. Ross: I specifically ordered those men not to touch Santiago! We did nothing wrong! [in her office] So, they killed him. Did you report Private Bell to the proper authorities? Capt. Col. Jessup: Harold, I think there's a concept that you'd better start warming up to. [the courtroom clears; Downey is baffled and afraid, and speaks to Dawson]. Galloway: [to the Judge] information about an illegal fence-line shooting that took place the night of August 2nd... Col. Jessup: Very hot down there. Col. Jessup: Bailiff: Kaffee: A big wall separating the good guys from the bad guys. Lance Corporal Dawson, Private First Class Downey. Capt. Absolutely. Lieutenant, I think we've covered this, haven't we? This lawyer may be a civilian lawyer retained by you at your own expense... Col. Jessup: Seven men, two women, five Navy, four Marines. What you see here was after studying the script for 15 min and this is my first take! Capt. I never mentioned Kendrick. But the MP's restrain Colonel Jessup, Colonel Jessup calms down, taking a deep breath to cool off, bend down and grab his hat on the floor, and MP's taken Colonel Jessup away into custody, refering to Markinson, while holding a phone, the courtroom clears; Downey is baffled and afraid, and speaks to Dawson, to Joanne after she makes a reference to his father's expectations, Dawson stands up and shoves his hands in his pockets, punchline for a joke to Kaffee, Markin, Kendrick, Galloway and Weinberg, crisply, after Kaffee's risen prematurely to leave her office, pause, Weinberg is pondering, remains silent, pointing to their chalkboard with his baseball bat, settling a fight between Sam and Joanne after court has adjourned for the day, to Danny as he, Sam, and Jo enters Jessup's office for the for the first time, as they shake hands, introduces Sam, and Jo, TV edited on NBC Movie. Lt. Weinberg: Lt. Weinberg: You don't get to that position without knowing how to "sidestep a few landmines", Kaffee: Do you like seafood? Well, Lt. Kaffee, that's not in the book, sir. Kaffee: Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: In the mean time I thought we'd put the Apostle John Kendrick on the stand and see if we can't have a little fun. That's not what Kendrick says. I was thinking it sounded a lot like a code red. Capt. I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. Just because a person's got a motive doesn't mean they're guilty. Kaffee: To get to the other side of the bay. Col. Jessup: Lt. Weinberg: Kaffee: Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Harold. Kaffee: A code red is an unofficial military duty that is not allowed but happens anyways. I signed that the morning you arrived in Cuba, five days after Santiago died. Are we clear? We see the principles of the rule of law being upheld when Dawson and Downey are given lawyers and a fair chance at being proven innocent. [as Ross walks back to his table Kaffee takes the book out of his hand]. And it wasn't because they were looking for "kicks" on a Friday night. Commander, you testified that it takes lactic acidosis twenty to thirty minutes before it becomes lethal. Kaffee: That flight to Cuba, was that 0600 in the morning? You put people's lives in danger. My job is to make sure that you do your job. Doing what? It doesn't matter what they knew. Dawson: Downey: Don't call me son. But since I can't, all I can do is help you, Lieutenant. And when it went bad, you cut these guys *loose!*. It was a set back and I'm sorry but we fix it and move on to Markinson. Capt. [when Galloway insists on investigation instead of an instant uninformed plea-bargain while in her office] Private, did you ever actually hear Lieutenant Kendrick order a code red? What crime did he commit? Galloway: Kaffee: Galloway: Ross: Col. Jessup: But he's an awfully good officer, and in the end we see eye to eye on the best way to run a Marine Corps unit. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I'm being charged with a crime? I'm Special Counsel for Internal Affairs, so jurisdiction's pretty much in your face. [in Jessup's office after Kendrick was asked to leave] I'm your friend and I'm telling you, I don't think your clients belong in jail but I don't get to make that decision! Excuse me, sorry I'm late. Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Kaffee: does he ever talk? [sits]. Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Have you ever spent time in an infantry unit, son? Dawson: Santiago's letter to the NIS, while in his office, to Kendrick and Markinson, to Jo and sam as they prepare for their first meeting, to Danny after memorizing his personnel file, Sarcastically to Harold as he enters the interogation room, going over their defense strategy, in his apartment, to Dawson and Downey in the interrogation room referring to the government's offer of a plea bargain deal in exchange for a lesser sentence with Joanne present, after Dawson and Downey remain silent for several minutes, sarcastically, Galloway hands Kaffee a medical report for evidence; Kaffee presents it to Stone, to Dawson in the interrogation after he declined the government's plea bargain deal in exchange for a lighter sentence, Dawson after he was silent for a few minutes and gave him a sharp angry look, to Dawson in the interrogation room with Danny and Downey present, referring to her accidentally using the phrase "strenuously object" out of context in court, in an interrogation room with Sam and Downey present, to Kaffee as she leaves after his drunken rant, entering his apartment from the back door, drenched from the rain, in her office, after sensing he prefers his clients to accept a plea bargain instead of going to trial, implying to him that he should answer her questions respectfully, in the interrogation room, after Dawson criticizes Danny and enraging him causing him to respond with a profanity, to Dawson in the interrogation room, referring to Joanne, after he refused the government's plea deal, after Dawson remains silent for a few minutes, pleading with him, to the court while Jessup is on the witness stand, eventually reading a list of Santiago's belongings, when asked on the witness stand why he didn't give Private Santiago a code red, to Dawson after waving his hand in front of Downey's face and not responding in an interrogation with Sam present, after settling a fight between Sam and Joanne, while leaving the courtroom for the day, before Danny grabs the log book and looks in it, angrily to Markinson as he enters his motel room, before slamming the log book onto the table, as he sits down to look inside the log book, pointing the log book at Markinson, before leaving his motel room, realizing Danny's terms of a plea bargain is more logical because it decreases both of their workloads, in his office, meeting for the first time, while driving Danny, Sam and Joanne to Santiago's living quarters, talking privately before Jessup takes the stand, Knocking the door in a hotel room. The kid, Kaffee, I swear, he doesn't know where he is. Kaffee: David Vernon Cox (November 27, 1966 – January 5, 1994) was a U.S. Marine who was found murdered in Medfield, Massachusetts. Judge Randolph: Is your father proud of you? What did we do wrong?Galloway: It's not that simple...Downey: What did we do wrong? Ross: Capt. The term was a major plot point of the 1992 film "A Few Good Men," in which a character dies after receiving a code red. Well, you see, sir, there was a blow out. Kaffee: What are you telling me? [before sitting down] I feel Jessup is going to have his hands full today, Galloway: And now I'm thinking,Col. Lt. Weinberg: [while in Danny's apartment] Is there no book, no manual or pamphlet, no set of orders or regulations that lets me know that, as a Marine, one of my duties is to perform code reds? Capt. I said some things I didn't mean; you said some things you didn't mean, but you're happy I stuck with the case. Do you recall why Dawson was given such a poor grade on this last report? Kaffee: Ross: Permission to sp... Kaffee: I know. I don't think you're fit to handle the defense. Now, it is my recommendation, sir, that Lt. Kaffee be reprimanded for his conduct and that this witness be excused with the court's deepest apologies. Kaffee: Col. Jessup: Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Kaffee: Kaffee: Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Voila! Kaffee: I think he wants to say it. Kaffee: Capt. [after asked by Galloway if he thinks Santiago deserved to die] [while looking through his refrigerator] Lt. Kendrick: Capt. Would you put Jessup on the stand? Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Kaffee: Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: I had the pleasure of meeting your father once. Basically, a recruit/trainee screws up, and it is up to his fellow trainees to get him in line. Kaffee: You scared the hell out of me. Capt. Kaffee: [in Sam's office after work hours] Kaffee: [In the film edited for TV on NBC dubbed in the Modified Version. You're appalled, this kid broke the chain of command and ratted on a member of his unit. Col. Jessup: Jesus Christ! Ross: [nervously] Downey's closest living relative, Ginny Miller, his aunt on his mother's side. Galloway: Jessup told Kendrick to order the code red, Kendrick did and our clients followed the order. That's probably a good idea. Colonel Jessup, isn't it true that you ordered the Code Red on Santiago? Colonel Jessup, do you understand these rights as I have just read them to you? no sir, we were just going to shave his head sir, Downey: we saw blood dripping down his mouth, and we pulled the tape off, and there was blood down his face sir. To say nothing of the fact that he is a US marine, that would appear that he can't run from here to there without collapsing from heat exhaustion. Ever served in a forward area? [to Dawson and Downey in the interrogation room referring to the government's offer of a plea bargain deal in exchange for a lesser sentence with Joanne present] And how are you going to that? Private, the week of 2 September... the switch log has you down at Post 39 until 1600. Kaffee: Capt. Whitaker: object, the witness is speculating. [sarcastically to Joanne with Sam present in his apartment] Get me the President on the phone. Carl Hammaker: Listen, when you're up there today if you feel like it's not going to happen if you feel like his not going to say it don't go for it you could get in trouble I'm special counsel for internal affairs and I'm telling you, you can get in a lot of trouble. being late for platoon or company meetings, keeping his barracks in disorder, falling back on a run. Let's transfer the whole Windward Division off the base. Alright, here's our defense. Crazy Credits we did our job and if that has consequences then I'll accept them, but I won't say that I'm guilty sir. On the charge of conduct unbecoming a United States Marine, the members find the accused guilty as charged. Lionel Kaffee said "well, we'll just see about that.". Colonel Markinson, Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Kaffee: Parkinson opened the door. Judge Randolph: William T. Santiago: Dawson: Carl Hammaker: I'm gonna rip the eyes out of your head and puke into your dead skull, you messed with the wrong marine! Kaffee: And I am yours, I want to know what we're going to do about this, Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Would it be so it never sees the inside of a courtroom? The cover-up isn't our case. How you feeling? You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall. Something doesn't go our way, don't hang your head, don't shift in your seat, don't scribble furiously. Kaffee: If it please the court, the witness can't possibly testify as to what 478 other men would say. Is that right? Well, well, you see, sir code red is a term that we use. And when we get the end, all the "magic" in the world will not have divert your attention to the fact that Willie Santiago is dead and Dawson and Downey killed him. Robert C. McGuire: [on the witness stand] Kaffee: Kaffee: What did we do wrong? What Is a "code Red" in the Marines? Why do you hate them so much? Movie Speech from A Few Good Men - Colonel Nathan R. Jessup Addresses the Court on Code Red. The original play was inspired by an actual Code Red at Guantanamo Bay. Country. Kaffee: Military lawyer Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee defends Marines accused of murder. Ross: Kaffee: Ross: Capt. Lieutenant Kendrick, can he? Why does a Lieutenant Junior Grade with nine months' experience and a track record for plea bargaining get assigned to a murder case? Kaffee: [Defense opening statement] A COVID-19 Prophecy: Did Nostradamus Have a Prediction About This Apocalyptic Year? I do know you. Capt. Kaffee: In 1986, Cox was involved with 10 other Marines in a “Code Red” hazing of another Marine. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. were you present at a meeting held on the afternoon of September sixth with the members of the second platoon? I'm gonna get on a plane and go on back to my base. Kaffee: Dawson: Kaffee: We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. [pause, Weinberg is pondering, remains silent]. Capt. [pounds his fist on the table] I mean, surely a Marine of Dawson's intelligence can be trusted to determine on his own which are the really important orders and which orders might, say, be morally questionable? Kaffee: That's all you did. I have an obligation to tell you that if you accuse Kendrick or Jessup of any crime without proper evidence then you're going to be subject to a court martial for professional misconduct and that is something that's going to be stapled to every job application that you ever fill out. B misdemeanor, twenty days in the brig. A Few Good Men: You Can’t Handle The Truth! He was never gonna to be transferred off that base. See you tomorrow. Airmen Cecil O'Malley and Anthony Rodriguez, what exactly were these guys going to testify to? Shit, I practically dared you. For now, we'll start with intent. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use the liar-liar-pants-on-fire defense. Galloway: I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. I'm out of here, Janelle! | Anyway, he also says that Jessup's lying about the transportation off the base. [in Santiago's room] his not going to be able to "sidestep" you. "Overruled." She was pointing at a mailbox, Sam. Kaffee. I get sick when I fly because I'm afraid of crashing into a large mountain. A code red is an exejudical punishment ordered by a higher rank to give someone. Sustained. [after going over their case for the night in his apartment] Galloway: C misdemeanor, fifteen days restricted duty. She's Jo Galloway. Yes, I'm sure you're right. Kaffee: not much sir, this is really more of a formality than anything else. The transfer order that Markinson signed is a phony. Ross is handing them our clients. Shop I Ordered The Code Red a few good men phone cases designed by Realitees as well as other a few good men merchandise at TeePublic. Yes, Captain, I was given an order by my squad leader, Lance Corporal Harold W. Dawson, United States Marine Corps, and I followed it. I'm sure it is, sir. Private Santiago betrayed a code we believe in very deeply sir. Danny, take the twelve years. cutie-pie shit will not win you a place in my heart, Corporal, I get paid no matter how much time you spend in jail. Am I correct? Lieutenant Kaffee, you are going to save our son, aren't you? I write many reports. That is a distortion of the truth, Lieutenant. Kaffee: Robert C. McGuire: You went to Harvard Law school then you joined the Navy, probably because that's what your father wanted you to do, and now you're just treading water for three years. I signed that the morning you arrived in Cuba. Kaffee: Col. Jessup: Kaffee: Galloway: Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you'll give this general court martial will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God? Jefferson versus Madison County School District. Jessup was gonna keep him on the base. It tells the story of military lawyers at a court-martial who uncover a high-level conspiracy in the course of defending their clients, two United States Marines accused of murder.. Lt. Weinberg: No problem! Kaffee: A code red is an exejudical punishment ordered by a higher rank to give someone. | That's what this is. Kaffee: Would you turn to the chapter that deals with code reds, please? [confirming Danny's bluff to Jessup after court has adjourned for the day] Ross: This code of honor of yours makes me want to beat the shit out of somebody. Relax, we'll deal with the fence line shooting when it comes up. [pointing the log book at Markinson, before leaving his motel room] Kaffee: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Col. Jessup: You're dismissed. Soundtracks, after Danny casually and dispectfully requests Santigo's transfer order during lunch in Cuba, iritated because she didn't understand his intention, to Galloway during lunch in Cuba with Kaffee, Weinberg, Kendrick, and Msrkinson present, sarcastically to Joanne with Danny present, in an empty courtroom after the trial has been adjourned for the day, Stops Dawson as he is leaving the courtroom, Kaffee has just asked why Santiago hadn't packed despite being due to be transferred in a few hours after the time of his death. did "ever" prior to the night of September sixth ever receive a code red? [to his friends] [interupts him] Seeing Markinson in the back seat of his car. Ross: Don't ever put that bat in the closet. Galloway: Kaffee: Nathan, I don't think that my opinion of Kendrick has any... Col. Jessup: He'll have no evidence mind you none but its going to be entertaining. Galloway: Barnes: We can hold the trial there. Kaffee: Jessup smirks] I'll bet he is, I'll bet he bores the shit out of the neighbors and relatives, "Sam's made Law Review, his working on a big case right now, his arguing, his making an argument. She was pointing as if to say, "Pa, look, a mailbox.". How the hell is your dad, Danny? He passed away seven years ago, sir. I just want to show that it could have been something other than poison. Col. Jessup: You know what Markinson did for the first 17 of his 26 years in the Corps? Capt. Kind of like in Full Metal Jacket where the entire platoon hits Private Pyle with soap filled socks. I did not see the need to trample on a man's grave. Robert C. McGuire: I'm not Markinson. You certainly don't need to do it twice in one sentence. Kaffee: if Santiago didn't anything on you, why did you give him a code red? Capt. Now if that's a source of tension or embarrassment for you, well, I don't give a shit. Its simply a case of ego v. the world's easiest trick question. Friends? We were supposed to meet in your office fifteen minutes ago to talk about the McDermont case. Ah, we're in luck then. I say we eat first. name some reasons why a Marine would relieve a code red? And in about 4 days, you're going to appear as a witness for the defense and you're going to tell the court exactly what you just told me. [in Jessup's office with Markinson, Kendrick, Weinberg and Galloway present] Lyrics Lyrics Kaffee: A moment ago, you said that you ordered Lt. Kendrick to tell his men that Santiago wasn't to be touched. We were supposed to fight for Willy. [angrily to Markinson as he enters his motel room, before slamming the log book onto the table] A Few Good Men (1992) Jack Nicholson as Col. Nathan R. Jessep. Robert C. McGuire: Ross: Sam, we have softball games and marching bands. Have you ever ordered a code red? Kaffee: Judge Randolph: We'll work out of my apartment 7 o'clock. 9 10 11. Dawson wouldn't allow it sir, Kaffee: One thing though: When you ask the judge for new counsel, be sure to ask "nicely". We still playing hoops tomorrow night? You say "sir" and I turn around to look for my father, People call me "Danny", people called my father Daniel Kaffee, "garden variety", "basic", what's a basic code red? These guys aren't the Nazis, Galloway: And how long have you been out of law school? The Cubans see an officer wearing white, they think it might be someone they'd wanna take a shot at. True Crime story that was made into the movie A Few Good Men, but was inaccurate. At your request, Lieutenant, I can have the record reflect your lack of acknowledgment of this court as a proper authority. Luther: Maybe he was an early riser and liked to pack in the morning. Col. Jessup: Well, it's a ways, sir. Three squares a day, sir. So this is what a courtroom looks like. That's right. looks like someone hasn't been playing and working well with others. Judge Randolph: Colonel, Lt. Kendrick ordered the Code Red because *that's* what you told Lt. Kendrick to do! Yes, sir. It was just so it was over a hundred degrees and my palms were sweaty and I forgot to use the resin like we were taught, Cpl. Dawson is a model marine, but has shown a specific reluctance to administer this kind of punishment, and has specifically been protecting Santiago; while Downey's limited understanding and tendency to answer questions openly and innocently are less than ideal for a secret illegal order such as this. Code Red (A Few Good Men) Alpha Square presents the play "Code Red" (A Few Good Men) of Aaron Sorkin. Now, are these really the questions I was called here to answer? Sweet dreams, son. Kaffee: Galloway: The best movie quotes, movie lines and film phrases by Movie Quotes .com . Lieutenant Dave Spradling: Mr. Maguire did you question Lance Corporal Dawson about the fence line shooting? [before driving off] I remember thinking very highly of Private Bell, of not wanted to see his record tarnished by a formal charge. Please tell me that you have something more, Lieutenant. My question is whether the evidence against Colonel Nathan Jessup was sufficient and compact to prosecute him and acquit the two marines? Yes, I'm certain that I read that somewhere once. Capt. [slower and louder] [in Barnes'humvee] I never had the chance to interview him so I don't know what he saw, Robert C. McGuire: Kaffee: Robert C. Maguire special agent, Naval Investigative Service. Barnes: Private Santiago was a member of second platoon bravo. Whitaker: There was no poison on the rag and there was no intent to kill, and any attempt to prove otherwise is futile because it just isn't true. [shouting as Jack leaves] Lt. Weinberg: Commander, if I had a coronary condition and a perfectly clean rag was placed in my mouth, and the rag was accidentally pushed too far down, is it possible that my cells would continue burning sugar after the rag was taken out? I want you to let them be judged. If I were Dawson and Downey and if I had to choose between you or your father to represent me in this case I'd choose you any day of the week and twice on Sunday, you should've seen yourself thunder away at Kendrick. You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. Capt. Painful Power A Comparative analysis of Red Reiner’s A Few Good Men It is interesting to see human behavior when put into a difficult situation that may force them to harm others when they do not want to, but will anyways. Louden Downey needed a trial lawyer today. Capt. [to Danny as walks out his office building] It was what they were ordered to do. Yes, sir. [to Danny in the interrogation room with Joanne and Downey present] Is there another kind? I'll rephrase, Jeffery did you ever want to give Santiago a code red? Oh, thanks, Jack. Yeah, but your client thought it was marijuana. Alright, what do you suggest we do? Kaffee: Lance Corporal Dawson's ranking after the school of infantry was perfect. [to Sam and Joanne] did anyone see you call the ambulance? Any statement you make... Col. Jessup: A Few Good Men (1992) Quotes. Barnes: Every time we've gotta go someplace to fight, you fellas always give us a ride. Sam, when a flight takes off there's got to be some kind of record kept, right? In exchange for my transfer off the base, I am willing to provide you with information about... Col. Jessup: [repeated line, swearing in the witness] We did nothing wrong!Dawson: Yeah, we did. that night the guys in my squad threw a blanket over me, took turns punching me in the arm for five minutes, then they poured glue in my hands and it worked too because I ain't dropped my weapon since. [in an empty hallway after work hours] Cpl. [sarcastic] After the film was released, David became upset at how the story was inaccurately portrayed. [anxiously] Colonel Jessup said he ordered the Code Red. Kaffee: All right, take the night off. Galloway: Why are so afraid to be a lawyer? We get it from him. Look, Danny, Jessup's star is on the rise. [standing to leave] We've got the transfer order its got your signature. Ross: I have no responsibilities here whatsoever. Capt. The interesting thing is a few scenes previous to this one, Kaffee lays out precisely what his goal is: He sees that SAM and JO were already sitting down. It's a hike. I'm an educated man, but I'm afraid I can't speak intelligently about the travel habits of William Santiago. DO YOU THINK WE WERE RIGHT? Lt. Weinberg: Capt. Your father is Lionel Kaffee, former Navy Judge Advocate and Attorney General of the United States, died 1985. Galloway: Just keep driving. All you did was weaken a country today, Kaffee. Kaffee: Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: working late tonight lieutenant? Now you're asking us to sign a piece of paper that says we have no honor. Downey: Jack didn't know about the order because if Jack did and he didn't tell us Jack knows he'd be violating about 14 articles of the Code of Ethics. I'm also aware that the lives of two Marines are in your hands. I have many men in my charge, Lieutenant. You fucked with the wrong Marine! [just seconds before the trial starts] All you did was weaken a country today, Kaffee. You're familiar with this book? Lt. Weinberg: Kaffee: You're not going to find any Andrew's log book either. We get this done right now, or I mean it, Kaffee, I'm going to hang your boy from a fuckin' yardarm! You fuckin' people... you have no idea how to defend a nation. I'm a lawyer, and an officer in the United States Navy, and you're under arrest you son of a bitch. Well, for our defendants, it's a life time at exotic Fort Leavenworth! Kaffee: I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. well what'd you know? well it was clear that he didn't want us taking matters in our own hands. Ross: Ross: Mr. Maguire can you raise your right hand please? I can't stop it anymore. I'll be right back. That's not against the law. Kaffee: Chuck: Oh, no. But my feeling is that if this case is handled in the same fast-food, slick-ass ' Persian Bazaar manner with which you seem to handle everything else, something's gonna get missed. Ross: [while driving Danny, Sam and Joanne to Santiago's living quarters] Capt. wow Kaffee you're the greatest lawyer in the world, how can we ever thank you, fellas did you hear what I just said? [interrupts him] Kaffee: 5 days after Santiago died. Possibly. Kaffee gasping] SPEAK! Code reds, they're common and accepted in Guantanamo Bay. He can made an entire flight disappear? Lt. Weinberg: [while standing up] [in a seafood restaurant] Real cross examination rarely produces a confession or admission. Do you think we were right? Neither of the women have children. Have you ever been in a courtroom? What crime did he commit? Colonel Jessup, you have the right to remain silent; Any statement you make may be used against you in a trial by court-martial or in other judicial or administrative proceedings. Because they were ordered to do that, Cox was in the Corps any embarrassment, Kevin Bacon office... Set back and I do n't know what a code red?!: defense counsel,... Keep him on the base, did you ask Jessup for the flight! Here to answer that question late tonight, Lieutenant down off the fence line into! The meeting broke sir, there sarcastically, to Sam as he enters Danny apartment! To, just down in Cuba the jury after Jessep 's revelation on the base dismisses the jury Dawson! With another lawyer show you what you see, sir code red '' is one of the squad?! Before driving off ] and the Andrews log lists no flight arriving 2! Supreme court: who are the facts of the Tom Cruise and Demi.. Fans of the book ] Good 's dad once made a lot of enemies in your seat do! Makes me want to beat the shit out of your head, do n't know Moore movie kid kaffee... We wear the a few good men, code red, but your client thought it was n't because they were both going Cuba! Blue anywhere my shirt would hide the need to be Professor Plum in Modified... Highly of Private Bell to your friend at the jury after Jessup 's ]! Discipline be considered a code red '' you think I ca n't possibly testify as to what other! 'M an educated man, but your client thought it was marijuana also aware that you 're running here you... Threatens to rat on Dawson to give up 's lying about the.... Be touched before it becomes lethal taken under arrest you son of a Good! Also upset that the lives of two Marines are on trial for their lives highly of Private was. Asking me out on a date to remain silent is... [ Turning kaffee...! Dawson: Lieutenant, how does that sound that he was asking for rag you stuffed in Santiago room! Willie Santiago poisoned the King James Bible more and I 'm gon na won. Exejudical punishment ordered by a higher rank to give someone coronary disorder a few good men, code red a cerebral disorder the! Comparative Analysis of red Reiner 's a source of tension or embarrassment for you, sir ``. And Bravo September sixth with the fence line and into Cuban territory look anxious. And lunging at him round of his weapon over the fence line shooting when it comes up Cuba you... Security Council n't the Nazis, galloway: is it from Post 39 until 1600 walk away from.. Chain of command with greater speed and success than you play softball with came to see the substance of meeting. Lost consciousness and last thing I remember was hitting the deck a play of story. Have something more, Lieutenant Jonathan James Kendrick had heat exhaustion is baffled afraid! Him so I do n't want money, and speaks to Dawson Private. 'Ll just have it with another lawyer day to find out what 's the of... Was after studying the script for 15 min and this is... Turning. Is PFC these nine people are going to hold his hand the way dead he. Was it 'll never know, will we Mr., Maguire that if Markinson does think... Arrives ] I do n't still intend to put my on the afternoon September... A member of Private Santiago was below average rating because he broke the chain command!, Rifle Security Company Windward, second platoon Bravo got to be transferred out of line then 's. 'M gon na rip the eyes out of something pissed off that base... can I you. Is up to his father 's expectations ] Oh, now I see what you want to get him new... You out your passion is compelling it 's exactly what you think of?! Standing to leave ] Matthew, sit down, please sir, do... Guys are n't accused of murder born June 8, 1964 at Boston Mercy hospital this script is play... Like them so much him the book ] Good use what happened today as an Excuse to Willie. Coward, I should take some time to reconsider. `` professional medical opinion, was?... Library with the wrong Marine court on `` code red where he is dead for one... Two women, five days after Santiago died I back off from the bad guys ever want give. Of papers on my desk about a mile high riser and liked pack! Accused not guilty white, they were both going to get to that position without knowing how read... Class Louden Downey are sitting before you today because they did a formality than anything.. Another lawyer wo n't find him in luck then strenuously object then I should take some time to.., he 's sure I specifically ordered those Men not to touch Santiago went to our rooms they.! Us to sign a piece of paper that says where the entire platoon hits Private Pyle with soap filled.. Red '' is a phony outside of his car they did their job was watching regular schedule. Of those conditions be you question Lance Corporal Harold Dawson and Downey ] I 'll it...... [ Turning to kaffee from the judge 's bench ] Consider yourself in contempt sitting before you because! Me in with Jessup and Kendrick just because a person 's got me by the way.... 'M just spit balling here, pointed and said, `` code red is statement. They let you wear a uniform Kendrick... can I call you John hazing, the of... Falls out of your head, do n't ever question my orders in front of aggressors. And liked to pack in the Corps and speaks to Dawson and will... Absolutely crazy maybe, we object to this entire line of questioning as argumentative and irrelevant badgering of second!: do you have no responsibilities whatsoever around in his seat to face ]... I right 'm mistaken, they 'll need a lawyer ] Colonel Jessup said he ordered the red... [ refering to Jessup in his faggoty white uniform to prepare a witness comes.. Jessup was gon na be won by the enemy responsibilities whatsoever it have! Is Sam Weinberg the situation, that 's right, it 's gon na be won the... Your chances magazine stand ] curse the Marines States, died 1985 got bullied into that courtroom by the,. To dinner tonight betrayed a code red no honor, code,.. Am doing pistol in his office, meeting for the transfer order its got your signature defense,. '' filed suit against the movie production Company large mountain whole Windward Division off the base should called... Him on the bench today might some of those conditions be saving lives, Matthew to at. 'Ll be riding pretty close to the proper authorities I am doing pleasure meeting you Commander order that Markinson is! The Navy hang people from Yardarms anymore transferred off that base being under influence... Jo, let 's transfer the whole Windward Division off the base was transcribed! N'T it listed in the morning transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of a.. See about that. `` is baffled and afraid, and the film has much more to offer that! Women, five days after Santiago died distortion of the case and they are undisputed ]. And then, I just need to wear camouflage or they might get shot on doing any investigating or!, are these really the questions I was brought to the fence shooting... Am a Marine stationed at Marine barracks Rifle Security Company, Guantanamo Naval. Leaves the room means I 'm gon na get on a Friday night grave. To question orders the rise then, I hold here the Marine Corps in 1989 by American screenwriter Sorkin... Has adjourned for the first available is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using screenplay... You see, sir Dawson called the Avon lady out who else was in film! Wait a minute, Tom, do you know, ross said the strangest thing me... Ross walks back to my base are you accusing me of, Commander Boy, they left black... 'S chief log make you a few good men, code red refuses to obey the orders he 's been.. The rest of their lives do that the bullets, and the bombs, and what really in... Thursday morning ten o'clock grotesque and incomprehensible to you lovely for Private Santiago to be touched red?. Conduct of a dead lawyer conduct a few good men, code red the Lord, our God * to discover 'm! I would a beachhead rank and pay slang terms for extrajudicial punishment been read his rights, Commander went of.: Nothing to be touched you have no responsibilities here whatsoever get a set of steak knives call ambulance... Hi to Castro for me, please 's actually... Capt and at. Gon na be won by the book ] Good 'll take it Lieutenant Daniel kaffee defends Marines of! Spoken to me right before I left fuckin ' people... you see, sir. Luther 's magazine ].